For wet or hot weather information please see our website or facebook page after 4.15pm in regards to Friday night competition.

Note if we cancel the younger age groups then a decision will be made a 5,30pm re the older athletes i.e. U9’s upwards.

Please be patient while a decision is made it is often very difficult to judge what the weather is doing.

Essentially we need a minimum of 45 minutes to get set up so even if the weather clears we may not have enough time to get things ready.

Depending on the weather we may optionally call off the younger age groups and do the 6.15pm age groups only in which case even those doing high jump would start later.

It is an all weather track so rain is generally ok , but this reviewed if it gets to heavy and athletes are slipping in the wet.  Additionally consideration is given to the state of the in field and car park.

There maybe some cases where it starts but due to the weather we postpone the night in most cases we will continue unless there lightning in the local area.

Note we may scale back distance events in hot weather or run them later.

Note where a night is started and postponed or not started at all the program resumes from where it left off unless the committee decides otherwise.

For hot weather , please make sure your children have plenty of water, sun screen and a hat.

There is little shelter at the track , where possible we will try and erect with parent help as many gazebos as possible.

Most importantly use your own judgement on whether your child attends or not based on the prevailing conditions.

Note We will not respond to people ringing,emailing or posting on facebook during or prior to a decision being made. 



Sun Smart Policy1

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