Event FAQS


# See this guide for further help. How_To_Help_@LAS

# Event Specifications , weights and measures etc Event Specifications

# Safety is paramount , make sure at all times you are alert and mindful of both track and field events. In particular throws events where you should be safe distances or behind throwers or caged areas.

# Hurdles Layouts guide here Hurdles-Guide-2019-2020bA3

# See the basic rules of each event here Fact Sheets,

# All results are to be recorded for Age groups U7-U17 , U6s are non comp to the new year so only have results from the new year onwards.

# Can I change the event order if there is a hold up ? YES after checking if an event is free and having then confirmed this with a committee member then move to another event.

# Do I require straps on the high jump bar ? YES they are a safety feature designed more to help kids that do the flop method , they are not required for kids doing scissor method.

# Where do I measure the high jump height ? Use the measuring stick at the middle of the bar , not the upright graticule’s are not accurate.

# Can an athlete compete up in a older age group and or do different events ie longer races ie 3K ? NO.

# Does each Age group need a parent helper at the finish line of sprint races ? YES we need 1 person to call out the children’s numbers in lane order.

# What can I do if the age group is to big and taking to long to complete field events ? Have them throw or jump say 2 goes rest then last attempt , all throws or jumps in a row or limit the throws and jumps to 2 per child.

# Can I split the age group if there is a free area ? Yes if say shot put 2 is not in use you can split your group between the 2.

# What happens if we are called to a race ? Complete you field event in groups and send heats.

# Will my group have to wait at times ? Yes there maybe be waits up to 1 hr , this is all determined by your group size i.e. smaller groups will finish quickly so take you time, athelete numbers and the event order on the night.

# Do I need to fill all the lanes in races ? Yes when practical look at the amount athletes you have and divide it up between the amount of lanes to achieve the most efficient amount of heats .

# Can I mix genders & ages  in sprint races ? Yes when safe to do so the system will sort them into there ages for results.

# Long jump uses a sand take off up to U11’s

# Why don’t we run 2 tracks ? Main reason is consistent parent help , time required to set up & pack up Track B , manual timing errors and causing hold ups to the distance races i.e. 1500 & Walks.  In general running 2 tracks does not really save any-time and leads to delays at other events.

# Who starts & times a distance event ? In the event there is no committee member to assist , then Age managers will need to get parent help to hand out place cards , record places against the name . The Age manager may start the race and use the Multi timer to record the times . Multi timer instructions can be found here SEIKO_S149 (1).


RULE CHANGES LAA (Little Athletics Australia) – Changes to Standard Events and Standard Rules In an effort to achieve standardisation of rules for Little Athletics across all of a Australia, further national standard rules were approved throughout the past season and will come into effect in NSW for the upcoming season. Centres and members should note the following new national standard rules which see a significant change for athletes in NSW: NO spike shoes and/or starting blocks for U9 AND U10 – from this coming season, spike shoes and/or starting blocks can no longer be used by U9 or U10 athletes. • U11 Javelin – the 400g javelin is now a standard event for the U11 age group and will be offered at the 2015/2016 Zone, Region and State Championships. High Jump – commencing from this coming season, the scissor technique is the only high jump technique that is allowed to be used at any level of competition for athletes in the U9 age group and below. i.e. U9 athletes cannot use the fosbury flop technique. Please note that this will extend to the U10 age group for the 2016-2017 season.