We are all volunteers , any form of abuse towards officials , age managers , children and other parents will be not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave the venue.

Bullying of any description will not be tolerated and you may be asked to remove your child from the age group.

Please don’t drop your kids off and leave the track, it is not a child minding service and we may need to contact police in event your child doesn’t have a parent or caregiver within the facility at all times.

Please no ball games, scooters etc inside the complex, please watch your children at all times and make sure they are not climbing on the equipment such as high jump equipment, nets, soccer posts etc.

As we have throws events including Javelin, Shot Put , Discus etc you must observe care around these events and under no circumstances cross the field when these events are in progress.

Be mindful of runners on the track Please if possible ask children not to cross the track during the sprint races. Unless you have a parent helper or age manager vest, you will not be permitted inside the competition area.

Please no ” PRAMS ” inside the competition area and please watch the little ones in and around the track. No crossing of the track in the main straight or near the finish line and keep children on the outside of the fence.

We are thankfully an alcohol and smoking free venue.

Visitors from other clubs are permitted to compete on a casual basis. If you intend to compete on a regular basis then you may have to pay a Mingara track entry charge ( at Mingara’s discretion ) at the canteen and provide your name & details at the large green shed. Visitors who attend on a regular basis are encouraged to assist. Results for visitors would need to be recorded by the parent, just ask the Age Manager.

Canteen services are available and run by the wonderful Mingara track staff, please help them by picking up all rubbish. Please don’t take equipment from the large green shed it does not belong to our club. We operate out of the smaller shed at the southern end of the track.