Training & Coaching for Little A’s

During the Little A’s season, we have free coaching available to all of our registered Little A’s athletes from our Junior Coaches.

This is a combination of running, throwing and jumping.


If you would like more personalised, event specific coaching, there is a list of coaches below.

These coaches are not affiliated with our club specifically and have their own timetables and fees. Please contact them directly for more information.

M-Mingara  G – Gosford  W- Wyong
F = Field

J = Jumps



MD = Middle Distance

S = Sprints

H = Hurdles

T= Triathlon

D = Duathlon

Location Athletics Australia Events Phone Number Age Group
Margaret Beardslee M AA D/T Du 0410438928 12+
Robert Beardslee M AA D/ MD/Dis 0427452388 12+
Tom  Ristuccia M AA D/MD/S /Dis 0424756096 Juniors
Frank Overton G AA S/MD/D/W 0419234334 All
Kerry Smith M AA F/J/H 0435926323 All
Larry Spencer M-G AA 0412680183 All
Lauren Richardson G AA S/MD/D/W 0409125376 All
Neil Hinton M-W AA S/H 0417473428 All
Matt Horsnell M-G AA J /F 0407405671 All
Hannah Regan M-G AA S 0449994899 All



For those new to Little Athletics or who need a a recap please see
the selection of videos on you tube for an overview about the sport and the different events.



See the online assessment link here https://exams.lansw.com.au/

See the basic rules here Fact Sheets,