Juniors at present we don’t at present run any training programs but you are free to use the track ( with you track pass ) or contact the private coaches below.

Seniors have training from time to time see Facebook for info.

Note you will need obtain a track pass which is included in your registration fee to access the track at all times other than Friday nights competition & carnivals. If you don’t have a track pass, misplace it or forget it you will need to pay Mingara who operate the facility a track entry fee of $4.50

Little Athletics run training courses through out the year so please keep a watch out for there emails.

There are also private coaches ( note affiliated with our club ) that operate out of  the Mingara , Wyong and Gosfords tracks for an additional fee .  Please see the list below or call in a the Mingara track and ask around.

Club Contacts

Mingara Athletic Club Coaches Mingara Track
Margaret Beardslee ATFCA / AA Distance /Triathlon/ Duathlon 0410 438 928
Robert Beardslee AA Dist/mid dist/sprints 0427 452 388
Paul Carr AA Sprints / Hurdles 0425 816 348
Larry Spencer ATFCA / AA Sprints / Hurdles 0412 680 183
Kerry Smith  ATFCA / AA Throws 0407 532 428
Tom Ristuccia AA Juniors:sprints to distance /disabled 0424 756 096
Graham Kent  ATFCA / AA Distance 0409 985 675
Charlie Brooks AA Juniors 0439 029 939
Tara Angel  AA Sprints 0412 301 036
Matt Horsnell ATFCA / AA Field 0407 405 671
Gosford Area Adcock Park
Frank Overton ATFCA / AA Sprints/Walks/Middle Distance 0419 234 334
Lauren Richardson ATFCA / AA Sprints/Walks/Middle Distance 0409 125 376
Other Coaches
Neil Hinton ATFCA / AA Sprints / Hurdles 0417 473 428
Mick Zista Hurdles and Sprints 0401 419 987
Chris McCormick Juniors and Sprints 0484 352 641


For those new to Little Athletics or who need a a recap please see
the selection of videos on you tube for an overview about the sport and the different events.



See the online assessment link here https://exams.lansw.com.au/

See the basic rules here Fact Sheets,